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As Summer gets into full swing, it makes perfect sense to brighten up a drab garden with some high quality, gorgeous planters that really allow your plants to bloom. There is nothing like a set of planters to bring colour and life to a garden, and this selection of planters and boxes is full of great choices.


We have a wide range of options, from budget composters all the way up to double bin stores that allow you to get serious about creating the best environment in your garden. Our budget composter stands at 3 ft x 3 ft and it is an excellent way to get into planting your own. Whether this means vegetables that are going to add even more variety to your diet, or just a chance to plant some beautiful flowers, it is a way to get started on the road to planting perfection. What’s more, the unit has been pressure treated, so you have that rock solid exterior that ensures it won't fall prey to damp or rot. In other words, it's a cost-effective way to get involved in planting.

One of our favourite items is the square planter and lattice. This beauty really allows you to get control of your planting, and the lattice means that you have an excellent opportunity to trail plants up and high for everyone to see. This gives you much more flexibility in planting. It’s got an excellent and very useful 10 year anti-rot warranty, and this is enabled by a construction that has again been pressure treated. Perfect for managing trailing and climbing plants, it's a great way to add colour and variety to your garden.

Cold Frames are a great addition to your garden, and they also allow you to be a little more adventurous all year round with your planting. The cold frame in this collection allows for real flexibility in your choices, but on top of all that it is also incredibly well built. Essentially, you're getting a cold frame that can withstand all weathers, and also provide years of  protection for your planting. With pressure treatment as standard, it  is a great option if you want to grow your own, or to grow younger plants.

We have a large log store that takes away all the stress involved in looking after your logs. if you want a wood burner or fire and you want it managed efficiently, with logs always in plentiful supply, this log store is a great option. It has been pressure treated, so damp isn't going to affect the logs (this makes them burn better) and also comes with a handy shelf so you can have more flexibility in your storage.

Or you could try one of our excellent composters. These are crafted using Polypropylene for extra durability and resilience against rainwater. The two top flaps allow for easy filling and a mess free process, and there is the choice of either a 400 or 600 litre model. This means you get on top of your composting with an easy to use and very tough unit.

One of the most popular items here is the Marberry Ball planter. These come in sets of two, and they are delightful to look at while remaining incredibly useful and practical. Finished in natural timber, each of these has also been pressure tested, so you have a tough and durable planter at your disposal. Even better, the planters have liners included, so all you have to worry about is what you are going to plant. The Marberry Barrel planter is another great example of planters done right. This is perfect for people who have issues with bending, as the planter isn't raised, but it is all done so in a very tasteful and elegant way. With a liner included and a very attractive planter to work with, this is an ideal choice if you have issues with back pain.

We also have wheelie bin stores that make your garden a more attractive place. These are spacious and have large capacity and great looks, so you know that you can easily store your bins while also having a store that looks attractive. All wheelie bin stores have a 10 year anti-rot warranty as standard, and this is helped by the pressure treatment being applied at the factory.

All our items here are designed to bring you ease of use as well as an aesthetic advantage. They look great, and they all offer something extra to help make your garden a more attractive and manageable part of your home.

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