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How To Look After Your Shed

14 July 2019 0 Comments
  • When getting a new shed you may think there’s a lot to do to make sure it stays in good condition, but honestly it’s not as complicated as it seems!

    Before you do anything you need to make sure your base is level and dry.  This is important because if it is no level it can cause the shed to warm and if it’s not dry it can cause the shed to be damp. It’s also good to support the weight of your shed and it allows air circulation beneath the shed. The type of bases you could have is flat concrete, paving slabs, or a wooden or plastic base.

    Make sure your shed is where the sunlight hits the most. Why is this? Well it’s good to have your shed where the sun hits the most because it allows the heat to dry up the moisture after it’s been raining.

    Secondly, treat your shed regularly with wood stain or preserve. When treating your shed make sure you treat it in good weather conditions.

    Make sure to seal your windows on your shed.