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We all love our lawns, but what if our lawns don’t love us back? Having artificial grass is a quick and effective way of taking charge of the situation, and will provide you with a lawn that looks and feels just like the real thing, but without any of the trouble that real grass can present. On this page you will find artificial lawn solutions that ensure you have a wonderfully rewarding lawn area, with a huge amount of practicality and versatility.

Our EliGrass artificial grass is of the highest quality, and the first one we have is the Silver selection. Straight-bladed, this artificial grass means that you have a lawn that is completely maintenance free. That means no fixing up or adapting, just a straight and attractive lawn every time. It’s a wonderful solution if your lawn is causing you problems or if you can’t quite look after it like you used to. The Silver solution is perfect for domestic use, and comes priced per square metre so you have absolute peace of mind when it comes to cost. What’s more, the artificial grass is 100% pet friendly, so your four-legged friends can enjoy playing on it too.

The EliGrass Jump commercial use product is the perfect solution for anyone who has to fill a sports area, for example. This artificial grass is of the highest quality, and it is specially made for sports use. That means a surface that is perfect for sports, without the need for maintenance or cutting. It has a special spine shaped design so each strand is perfectly created to withstand heavy use. Each yarn has multiple backbones for even more stability and durability, perfect for the heavy use that a sports space demands. Essentially, this particular surface will keep its shape even after years of heavy sports use, and that is something that is of particular appeal to schools sports clubs or anyone who runs competitive events.

The EliGrass Platinum product is a perfect solution for those who want to have artificial grass that will keep it’s shape for years. The unique construction of this very attractive product ensures that the blades simply bounce back into place after they have been trodden on. Each strand of the grass has a unique ‘C’ structure, and this means that each strand returns back to it's original shape immediately. Perfectly mimicking the dynamics and structure of real grass, it is an excellent choice for a garden that needs that perfect, worry-free solution. Like all the artificial grass products we stock, this one has no mess to worry about, is easy to lay, and has complete UV stability for peace of mind.

The Gold artificial grass that we stock is a real treat for the eyes. It has absolutely no shine, so that tell-tale sign of old is no longer there. It looks and feels like real grass and this is an absolute key feature of the product. With a special ‘C’ shaped design, it allows strands to bounce back into place as soon as they experience pressure. This means you get a great-looking lawn that is perfect every day. The installation process is excellent too, with a complete installation service from preparation to membrane and then to laying.

The Jump Commercial use artificial grass is for the sports space that needs the very best surface. This product is of the highest quality, and one of the key features here is that each yarn has multiple backbones. This means you have a very strong and resilient product that can withstand heavy sports-related use. It is also well-suited to multi-sport areas. This means areas that have a number of different types of activities (and footfalls) going on. This is why it is such a popular surface for use in schools. However, if you want the very best artificial grass surface available today, you could investigate purchasing it for your own garden. It is a tough and resilient surface, and one that will always keep its shape no matter what you put it through. 

We don't always think about purchasing an artificial lawn surface. However, it is one of the most practical and easy to use solutions available. It looks good, keeps it's shape, and requires no maintenance. In other words, it’s goodbye to lawnmowers and worries about patches, and now it’s time to focus on enjoying a gorgeous, perfect lawn every day of the year.