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One of the most time-consuming jobs in the garden happens to be cutting the grass. It can be even more laborious and downright unpleasant if you don’t have the right lawnmower to help you. Here we present some of the best lawnmowers available on the market right now. We have everything you could possibly need when it comes to lawnmowers, from simple grass cutters all the way up to petrol driven expert machines that ensure the grass is cut cleanly and evenly.

Our entry-level models include plenty of features that make them powerful lawnmowers in their own right. The electric models from Bosch for example, like the Rotak 34 ErgoFlex, are fine examples of high quality mowers that simply get the job done.  This model has innovation at the core, with special grass combs allowing you to come right to the edge of your lawn every time. Other key features of this particular model by Bosch include a 40 L grass box. This is very generous for any lawnmower, and especially one at this cost-effective price point. It is just one example of our excellent entry-level models that should help any gardener gain control of their lawn.

Our GardenCare models are extremely effective. We have petrol versions that are self-propelled, and these really help you get around that lawn quickly, giving you a fine cut as you go. The GardenCare LM46SP is a perfect example. It’s a self-propelled petrol mower, and it has a remarkably powerful engine for the price point it comes in on.

The engine, made by acclaimed manufacturer Briggs and Stratton, ensures that you’re able to power your way around the garden with minimal effort. It also has a 60 L grass cutting bag, so you’ve plenty of capacity no matter how much work has to be done. This is a very powerful lawnmower, but it also comes at an excellent price.

This model also comes with a five point height adjuster, so it is easily used by anyone who wants to tackle the lawn. This particular aspect of the model makes it a very practical unit to use in the garden.

The Allett Classic 14L Petrol Cylinder 35cm Lawnmower is another real bargain. Coming with a cylinder engine, it has real power at the heart. The machine also has a unique three-way system for cutting the grass, including a roll mechanism. This gives you massive versatility, and allows you to get a very fine cut on the lawn.  It also has a very handy collector box for the front of the machine, which manages to take in 32 litres of storage. It even has a scarifier cassette, which means that you can have a powered raking effect on your lawn. Truly a lawnmower for those who like to cut the grass with expertise, this is an excellent buy. This is an extremely high quality lawnmower, for a very sensible price.


The Allett Kensington 14K Petrol Cylinder 35cm Lawnmower is another extremely powerful lawnmower, and one that is best suited to medium to large size lawns. This machine has power throughout its construction, and has a number of features that make it incredibly easy to use. It delivers a staggering 79 cuts per metre so you can have a very fine cut on your lawn through using this machine. It has a 4-stroke cylinder engine and this powers you around the lawn quickly and efficiently. It also allows you to disengage the drive function at any point so you can bring manual control back. This is particularly useful when you’re cutting near trees or wanting to move around corners.

The Allett Westminster 20H Petrol Cylinder 51cm / 20" Lawnmower is the precision machine that is our flagship model. While it is best suited to sports surfaces, you can also use it on large gardens that demand the very best in precision. A number of features lift this head and shoulders above the competition. For example, a static rake actually lifts the grass before cutting takes place, so you get a fine and clean cut. It has a front grass collection point that manages to contain a staggering 84 L of grass cuttings. In other words, it is the very best lawnmower we can sell to you, and it does an amazing job of keeping lawns smart and clear.

Take a look at the lawnmowers on this page, and if you’re ready to take on your lawn with confidence and real expertise, choose one of these excellent models to help you transform your own green space.

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Jerard Ross, 19 Aug 2021

Delivery was a problem but it was sorted by the company and delivery service.Putting the shed up was actually pretty complicated and took about 10 hours (the video was far too simplistic!). Having said that Im happy with the finished result and I would buy again from them.

Ashley Ball, 5 Sep 2021

Great quality shed.

Arshad Rahman, 7 Sep 2021

Absolutely brilliant shed, well constructed, very easy to assemble and looks great. Customer service is excellent and very responsive. Delivery was easy to arrange and was on time. Very happy, If i needed another shed, Sheds First is the first supplier I;d choose. I have recommended them to friends and also our garden landscaper. Absolutely brilliant!

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